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A Nutritionist Eats

Well, it appears that it is Blog Week!   Let me introduce you to Emily, creator of              A Nutritionist Eats.  Emily’s interest for food/drink, health and wellness led her to create her amazing blog.  She started blogging back in March 2009.  The transition from 2009 to today is quite impressive.  I am particularly impressed with her photos.    This blog is fun to read because she discusses a variety of things:  from recipes she has created, nutrition facts, restaurant reviews and even personal things like her move out west.  Emily’s passion for what she does amazes me and is very inspiring.   I also appreciate her philosophy on food which is everything in moderation.   She isn’t going to tell you that you can never have french fries or burgers.   Moderation is key.

I often find myself going to A Nutritionist Eats when picking appetizers for a party.  Which leads me to one of her most recent posts……. Super Bowl Food!   Even though my team, the Green Bay Packers are not there, I suppose I will watch, but only to drink beer and eat snacks!  :)    I am not sure what or where I will be, but I will probably be eating one of Emily’s recipes.  Be sure to check out Emily and her blog!

A few of my favorites are:

thai guacamole              source


guacamole bar               source 

yes, I love guacamole

chicken satay with coconut peanut sauce      source


spring rolls                   source


burrata cheese (she introduced me and I LOVE)    source 


P.S.   Her drink posts are pretty fun too…..once spring is here and we have the patio furniture out, I’ll be sipping on these!    Cucumber,  Basil and Mint Vodka Spritzer.


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2 Comments to “A Nutritionist Eats”

  1. emily says:

    Thanks Anna!!!
    I like to think my photography has improved over the years – look at the spring roll picture – yikes!! :)

  2. Mercedes says:

    Emily is the best! I love her cocktail posts also!